CYNIC – Cyber security in Innovation and Business Communication

The project is a cooperation between two academic partner Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu, Finland and Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. A Cross-border collaboration that aim to support SMEs by giving them access to a neutral test environment, in this case a cross-border physical and virtual lab environment, companies can learn from each other and learn about shared challenges and problems.

The project has identified that an uncertainty and a risk focus is an obstacle to SMEs willingness to invest in new business models which are tailored for digitalisation and digital services. Better insights and sound IT behaviour can be gained through testing and evaluating new business models in a safe testing environment. The project aims at:

  1. promoting entrepreneurship, i.e. proactive, innovative and tactical risk taking by offering demonstrators and workshops that problematize established practices,
  2. increase SMEs capabilities to internationalization by providing a collaborative approach for different companies to quickly and effectively address common challenges and opportunities, as well as
  3. stimulate and evaluate new business models by developing testable scenarios and exposing them to realistic risks and countermeasures, thereby contributing to increased entrepreneurship and stimulating the ongoing development of a new digital service industry in the region.

Project duration:  2018-10-01 — 2022-06-30
Contact: Johan Lugnet, +46 (0)920 49 1201