Phishing affects us all

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This attachment opened a somewhat authentic looking Microsoft login page that had the targets email address already filled

An email that contains a link or an attachment is sent to the recipient with the purpose of retrieving data by directing the user to some fake web page on the internet, or by executing a malicious code from an attachment. Phishing campaigns often use the same formula. An email that contains a link or […]


Cyber Security Awareness 26.11.2020

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Do you think before you click? Do you know how to protect your information? Are you aware of the risks? What do you know about Cyber Security Awareness? LIVE WEBINAR: 26th November 2020 kl0 17:00-19:00 Suomessa / kl. 16:00-18 i Sverige Free of charge. Register in Zoom:   GUEST SPEAKERS: Laura Kankaala Security professional, […]