Data Security expertise is shared across borders

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A Finnish expert tested how the website of a Swedish company selling office software survived “hacking” – An example of cross-border cooperation Hacking is an art form that requires, above all, imagination. It all depends on what the potential intruder comes up with. Of course, the internet is full of instructions and programs, but skills […]



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The risk of being exposed to digital threats increases at the same time as the threats have changed shape. From the hacker and an interest in over-listing techniques to a criminal industry to make money. When the payment requirements will be sent, the question is how you become more aware of the risks and how […]

Interreg NORD

ARCTIC PACER – Arctic public services innovation cluster

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ARCTIC PACER – Arctic public services innovation cluster-project, clusters 5 international projects approved by Botnia Atlantica, Interreg Nord and Northern Periphery and Arctic Programmes to explore innovative solutions for participative, user-centred, quality and sustainable digital public services in Arctic regions. One of the project that was recognized and invited by the led-partner ERNACT to contritube […]


Project meeting in Storforsen

Posted on Storforsen The project team had a physical work meeting at the foot of Storforsen.On the agenda was cross-border cases, e.g., one in which the technical team from Centria will perform Penetration Test on a product from one of the Swedish partner companies. A prototype of a card deck game and a risk ladder exercise […]